Why is Content so often a creative afterthought - made with little strategic consideration or creativity?

At Reveal, we believe story driven, well crafted, brilliantly executed Branded Content can truly unlock your Brand’s potential.

Because Reveal is a hybrid Creative boutique & Production company, we approach Content creation differently. By first taking a human-centric approach, we unearth meaningful insights that inspire our ideation process, leading to the creation of compelling and captivating brand campaigns. And by understanding your audience, we craft integrated solutions that showcase the work in the right formats, on the right channels.

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Our ‘under one roof’ creative, direction & production model, allows us to create Content without layers, high overheads or complexity. By streamlining creation & production, we are able to consistently deliver an entire project within a single budget. This approach ensures cost certainty, and liberates us from other players who may slow the process, add unnecessary fees or dilute the quality.

Whether it be Brand Broadcast Commercials, Brand Films, Branded Entertainment or Brand Influencer videos, we always develop a solution that unlocks your brand’s true potential.

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Excerpt from thesis paper by Andrew Wenger for the Columbia Business School
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Reveal Content

No brand becomes beloved by accident.

Paul Wales has been a revered creative in the advertising game for more than a quarter century - best known as the creative quarterback on one of Canada's most beloved brands. During his sixteen year tenure as the ad agency's Executive Creative Director on Tim Hortons, the Tim's brand went from regional favourite to National Treasure.

There have been many essays, papers and dissertations written attempting to explain the phenomenal rise of Tim Hortons from an unassuming donut and coffee shop to a Canadian institution. Paul always reacts guilefully when asked about the “secret” to Tim's unprecedented business success.

“No brand becomes that beloved by accident. A very consumer-centric and disciplined approach was always at the heart of every marketing program.” Paul continued to explain, “When I first was working on the brand, the lead Tim's client really understood the core values of Tim Hortons. And he ensured that we at the agency truly appreciated what the brand stood for; what Canadians not only thought about Tims but also how they felt about the brand.”

That client was Bill Moir, the Chief Marketing Officer of Tim Hortons for twenty-five years. Bill understood the power of brand marketing. Paul recalls, “Bill would say, creating smart retail programs will build sales, but making an emotional connection with your customers will build loyalty." This philosophy really stuck with Paul. So while at the creative helm, Paul and his creative team would go on to create some of the most memorable and moving commercials Canada has ever seen. In fact, the Tims True Story entitled “Proud Fathers” was named one of the 150 Essential Works In Canadian Cinema History by the Toronto International Film Festival TIFF.

As Paul was leaving his post as ECD, Bill was retiring from Tim Hortons. After collaborating on countless successful brand campaigns, this dynamic duo wanted to find a way to continue to work together to help other businesses and brands uncover their true potential. Their collaboration coincided with the demise of the traditional ad agency and client model.

“Clients are way more open to doing business differently as they need more content for their brands to cover more channels and platforms. We wanted to bottle how we worked together on Tims and come up with an offering that got to the creation of highly engaging, emotionally driven content in a smarter, more efficient manner.”