Upstream Original


Brand Film


Can you bottle creativity? We think so. A well-crafted brand film can create desire for any brand - to prove this, we applied all our brand building know-how to cultivate a following for a brand of beers that didn’t exist. Yup, we literally invented three bogus Bavarian-inspired beers - Asche Whole Hop, Asche Wiped Wheat, and Asche Lecker Lager. Then created an innovative campaign featuring three brand films about a Make-believe brewery where these fictitious brews originated.

Looking Back

We ran a targeted paid social campaign promoting the films to build an audience. And boy did we get one. Based on demand, we launched Asche Lecker, a European inspired lager, at an exclusive event in 2019. And we’re still brewing up more ways for people to get their lips on an Asche.